5 Proven Ways a Website Can Generate Leads Online Within 30 Days

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Getting traffic to a newly created website can be perplexing, especially with so many other websites, selling so many other products that guarantee leads, each telling you to perform different time consuming activities.

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Which are you really supposed to focus on? To help narrow this information down, we’ve listed five proven ways to bring targeted leads to your website in just a 30 day period.

 1 – Web Page Titles

Many do-it-yourself web masters and even designers still don’t realize the importance of each web page title. The title could be the most important factor to getting your website searchable, and getting leads to find you. The search engine spiders crawl every site and the first thing they look for is the title. If this is “SML Enterprises” then that is where the search engine will index you, meaning only the leads that know to look for SML Enterprises can find you. Of course, there are those people that simply title the website “My Website” which is even worse. Use keywords that relate to your industry to title each of your web pages, and you can use different keywords on different pages.

2 – Add a Blog

If your website doesn’t have a blog section yet, add one. Blogs get your website to list high in the search engines through the posts you make. Write interesting posts about your industry and target long-tail keywords through each of the posts. Examples of long-tailed keywords might be: “How to Learn to Paint in 30 days,” “7 Tips to Making a Healthy Lunch.” Use tools like Google’s keyword Tool or Word Tracker to help you find the keywords for your industry and include these in each post two to three times.

3 – Integrate Dynamic Content

Add a message board, a links directory, an online search feature, a picture gallery, a terminology define feature, or a quote of the day, add a news feed, or a contest. These features add more enjoyment to leads who find your website making them stay longer, and also offer additional keyword search term opportunities to bring in more leads.

4 – Social Networking

Never underestimate the power of social networking. Social media techniques have been a great tool for marketers, no matter what their product line is. The leads generated through social media cost half as much as through other marketing methods and close at a much higher rate.

5 – Social Sharing Communities

Forums, guest blogs, social bookmarkings, and question-answer websites offer a lot of free traffic to your web pages. Digg, Stumble Upon, Squidoo and others can offer lots of traffic and leads. Add posts, guest blogs, answer questions and offer links to your websites on all of them.

Final Thoughts

Generating leads and traffic is about getting the word out, and the only way to do that online is by participating. Adding social media, information, articles, blog posts, forum participation, and socializing with others, is much like standing on a street corner day and night and handing out flyers for your physical business. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it day and night online, but you do have to participate regularly, at least a few hours a day.


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