Why Inbound Marketing Kicks “Backlinking” (and SEOs) Ass!

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A quote placed on Web Presence best describes inbound marketing : “To catch a moth, light a candle.” Inbound marketing draws customers to you in the same way.

I love inbound marketing
Traditional marketing requires you knock on many doors, make offers and “be pushy.” Inbound marketing works in the opposite direction; when you make your offer, your product and your information so attractive and interesting that buyers can’t help but be drawn to it. When working online, there are three ways to create this inbound marketing more effectively than through backlinking.


Reliable, good and informative content draws people to your website as a moth is drawn to light. Producing relevant, good content draws people that are already interested in your product to your website, and it offers you better indexing opportunities for that content on the search engines. When someone reads the content you posted to that website and you offer a direct link from there to your website you have created more interest in a lead that already demonstrates potential interest.


Offer interesting content on your website; the most effective way of doing that is through blogging. Expressing your moments of insight and offering interesting quotes, all with a humorous touch, sheds light onto who you are and not just your business does. That is one of the key ingredients to bringing customers to you. When you produce content that is rich in information, keyworded correctly, the content is listed more prominently on the search engines and people can find you.

“Hold on,” you say, “What is keywording?” Searchers to find information in your industry the specific terms commonly use these. So if your industry is cupcakes, a key phrase might be “sweet fluffy cupcakes.” The Google keyword tool or word tracker can help you find specific words that are searched for in your industry.

The Right Landing Page

Now that you’ve got the content, you can put your inbound marketing efforts to real work so that you convert those qualified visitors that come to your website. You can do this by placing well thought out keyworded content on the page, offer a call-to-action button or a contact button and add special offers that can draw customers even closer to you.

Newsletters and E-mail Marketing

Remain in touch through newsletters and email marketing. Even if a customer doesn’t buy from you immediately, keep in touch. Don’t push but write newsy, interesting newsletters that continue to draw customers in.

Social Media

Create a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your website. Make friends by adding interesting information, jokes, humor and fun pictures. A large part of attracting customers to you is letting them know who the person behind the product is.

What It’s All About

Inbound marketing is about socializing and creating relationships and friends as much as it is about selling. By being generous, offering informative posts and articles and enticing people to find this information you will convert as much as 50 times faster than you will with traditional marketing.

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