14 “Power” Tips for Marketing on Facebook

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One of the best ways for small businesses owners to advertise their products and services is by using online social marketing, more specifically; Facebook marketing. Taking advantage of Facebook to market their business is essential to success. The following are 14 power tips that will help increase the success rate of marketing via the use of Facebook.

  1. Strategy– Businesses should come up with a clear set strategy, such as using Facebook as a way to provide customer service or setting a goal of increased sales by a certain date.
  2. Theme – Businesses should use a strong theme for their Facebook page. Maintain that theme and do not deviate from it.
  3. Target Audience – Businesses should use the Facebook advertising platform to target users based on age, interests and marital status.
  4. Market to Existing Audience – Existing customers are just as important, as potential customers since they’ll most likely provide the company with regular business.
  5. Post Regularly – There should be regular posts to entice subscribers. Otherwise, subscribers will forget about the company.
  6. Post Valuable Content – Facebook posts should consist of information that is beneficial to subscribers.
  7. Encourage Interaction – Subscribers should be able to post comments on posts. This will not only encourage them to think about the product or service when giving their opinions, but also to like and share the post.
  8. Don’t Buy Fake Likes – There are services that allow companies to purchase fake likes. This is pointless, as it gives the company false information about their advertising presence.
  9. Use Facebook Ads – Businesses can use Facebook ads to target their demographic.
  10. Use Custom Tabs – Businesses can format their page with custom tabs. For example, a business can set up a welcome page in one tab and their Facebook wall in another.
  11. Updates – Businesses should not overuse this feature, but when they have an important piece of information they can message updates to everyone that liked their page.
  12. Speak With Subscribers – Businesses that respond to comments show that they care about what the consumer thinks.
  13. Other Pages – Company’s should consider posting to other pages. This will help spread word about the company’s page; however, they should be careful not to spam.
  14. Offer Incentives – Offer users incentives for liking the business’ page, such as coupons to products and services.

Small businesses should use these 14 power tips to improve their Facebook marketing and gradually build a up a solid lead generation platform for their company. Also remember that Facebook should not operate in isolation to the main website and email marketing campaigns. There are subtle and powerful ways to link online assets together which entices users to contact you about your products and services.

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