7 Deadly Facebook Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

7 Deadly Facebook Sins

Savvy business owners know that, by setting Facebook marketing pages, they can increase visits to their business websites. A dental practice, for example, can create a Facebook marketing page to draw in new patients. Making mistakes on Facebook pages can cost this dental practice new patients and money.

Leaving Page Areas Blank

Business owners need to maximize Facebook marketing to grow their businesses. This means that every section of the page has to have usable information, including what the business is (dental office), some background on the dentists and the specific dental services provided, states Laurie Drell for Mashable.

Where Are the Objectives?

Objectives, to a business owner, include advertising, marketing and expansion goals. While these shouldn’t be included on the Facebook marketing page, they should be included in the discussion prior to building the page itself. The dental office owner should  establish a specific number of new patients within the next quarter, then include information about what services the practice offers.

Violating Cover Photo Guidelines

Facebook has specific guidelines regarding cover photos for businesses promoting their services. Including discounts or purchase information, a call to action or contact information are all against the Facebook guidelines. Because this area of the Facebook page is the first piece of information visitors see, it should be in compliance with the rules.

Violating Terms of Service

Business owners who don’t pay attention to Facebook’s terms of service risk having their Facebook marketing pages removed. To level the playing field for all businesses using Facebook, the business owner is required to work within those rules.

Posting Too Much

Facebook pages include a free Insights service that provides information about how effective the posts are. The information includes the page’s reach, post effectiveness and how many people are talking about the business.

Underpromoting the Business

Creating the Facebook business page, then neglecting it is just as bad as having never created it in the first place. The dental office may not have a social media manager, but it can post a link to the marketing page on its corporate website. Potential customers can click on the Facebook page link from the website.

Stay On-Target

The dental practice has to post content about current dental practices. While a post about a fund raiser in town would be interesting, it has nothing to do with the dental office, so it should not be put up.

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