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Website Redesign By Wildcard Digital

While it may seem obvious that small businesses simply deploy or revamp a website to generate more leads (or sales), there are sometimes more subtle and complex reasons for a requesting a website redesign.

We have found that a number of business owners feel their website does not reflect their stature or reputation in their particular industry, creating uncomfortable moments when communicating with customers or delivering papers at industry events.

Typically, they are already generating excellent leads through referrals and general market awareness that they are the best at what they do. However, somehow their email marketing campaigns and website landing pages do not reflect this leadership position. Intuitively they recognize the long-term dangers of not building an online presence that matches their offline stature. While they may be on top today, many companies have lost their competitive advantage by not adopting an aggressive marketing position on the World Wide Web.

And, the later you start the harder and more costly it can be to catch up with competitors who may well be punching above their weight. But, alas, they got there first and are now defending their marketing lead from an elevated position.

And, it’s not just that the website does not look good. It also seems to lack life, an urgency or critical mass that ties together a number of channels including content, social media, newsletters and a overall ‘branding’ experience that tells the user he is dealing with a very ‘special’ company.

We think you know exactly what we are talking about. You can just tell when a company’s marketing apparatus is on the ball. There is a magical way that all the elements seem to fit together in a unified branding experience that tells you the business owner not only cares about his marketing, he cares about being the best.

At Wildcard, we have internalized this complex process into three critical phases:

Executing a digital strategy with Wildcard Digital


Dream. Philosophize. Sketch. Brainstorm. Collaboration.


Wireframes. Navigation. Organization. Content. Design. Buzz. Marketing.


Conversions. Trends. Breakouts. Virality. Leads.

While there are a number of extremely sophisticated sub-components, which influence and affect all these phases mentioned above, these three are the nucleus of our agency. When done correctly they contribute to higher traffic rates on your website and eventually more leads. Take a look at anonymous data for just three of our clients we built websites for. We also manage their online marketing strategy on a monthly basis. All three sites are now generating leads and/ or user feedback based on our digital strategies.

Wildcard Website Traffic Report Examples

In order to reach this level, businesses will have to adopt both a direct and indirect approach to online marketing that combines the right-brain creativity of an advertising agency with the left-brain skills of a web engineer. These skill sets are extremely difficult to locate in 98% of the companies offering web design, content marketing and social media strategies in Fort Lauderdale, South Broward and arguably, even nationally.

While you will find ‘some’ of the elements needed, generally there is a bias in one or the other direction. This is also due to the fact that most marketing agencies out there have become almost religiously tethered to SEO, a strategy that has stifled their creativity and boxed them into outdated marketing methods. Google, as we are sure you are aware, is now penalizing sites that simply exist to generate a higher search engine ranking. It’s hungrily searching for sites with quality content and a ‘branding’ experience that engages customers. Those that don’t meet these criteria will experience lower rankings. Quality, not quantity, is now the name of the game.

Thus, are you a wildcard, a maverick, a dark horse in a crowded industry? Or, are you simply following the herd and letting our fair-weather friend Google dictate if and when you grow? Surely you did not build your business simply to please a machine?
It all starts with having a professional website that you feel confident and proud enough to shout it out to the world.

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