Facebook Marketing vs. Pinterest marketing: The surprising truth!

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Brand owners struggle to stay on top of social media strategy. Managing your brand’s social media presence can be time consuming, for one thing, and metrics messy. The only thing that is consistent about marketing via social media is that it is always in flux. What’s hot and what works today may not be what works tomorrow. New venues emerge, while old ones fade into obsolescence—when was the last time you heard anyone mention MySpace?

Is Facebook still the best place to spend your precious promotional resources? Twitter? And what about newer sites like Pinterest? (Pinterest, which functions like a virtual bulletin board, allows users to re-pin branded content on their own pinboards for their connections to see.)

Recent research shows some surprising facts about Pinterest’s effectiveness compared with Facebook. Facebook still has a far greater reach, with over 1.06 billion monthly users to Pinterest’s 11.7 million monthly users. (However, despite Pinterest’s much smaller size, its users are more engaged with the brands they love and more likely to follow straight through to purchase. In fact, a study showed that revenue per visit referred from Pinterest was over $1.50—60% higher than visits from Facebook referrals. Pinterest referrals went on to view more pages and bounce less, and traffic from Pinterest converted to a sale 22% more often than Facebook.

At this early stage in Pinterest’s existence, there are significant differences in each site’s audience. Compared with Facebook, Pinterest’s users are younger, mostly female, have higher incomes and education levels, and they come to the site for inspiration and ideas for cooking, decorating, fashion, and other lifestyle topics. And they spend far more time on the site: an hour and seventeen minutes, compared with just a little over twelve seconds spent on Facebook. If your brand works within these spaces, Pinterest is where you need to be now.

Social media marketing experts now see Facebook as a great tool for brand building, but Pinterest is beginning to show far more potential for converting your fans to customers. Pinterest is uniquely able to allow your brand’s fans to create their own curated catalogs—from which they (and their networks of friends) then shop. The surprising truth is that it may be time to devote some serious time to engaging your customers on Pinterest.

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