15 Tips for Insane “Great” Facebook Marketing

blog - 15 insane facebook marketing tips

Facebook marketing has become an increasingly valuable tool for businesses to create and build customer relationships. You personal Facebook Fanpage  has limitless marketing capabilities coupled with computer application add-ons. Facebook marketing makes way for the creative ingenuity needed to build and maintain a trusted business source for loyal customers and the exposure needed to attract and maintain new community members.


Businesses can create a Web presence with Facebook marketing without any knowledge of programming. Try these 15 Insane good facebook marketing tips:

1.  Build a gated offer that’s via a custom tab on your facebook page. That means people have to like the page to get it.

2. Giveaways! People love contests! Don’t forget to follow the Facebook promotion rules. You may need to use a web application to facilitate the giveaway. [Contact us for more information if you are interested.]

3. On your landing tab present an offer to people that requires them to give you their email address to build your customer mailing list.

4. YouTube Channel! If you have a YouTube channel for your business. You can get more exposure.All of your videos will appear and people can comment on them within Facebook.

5. SlideShare is a social media networking site where you can share your presentation slides. If you make a lot of presentations,you might consider signing up and then adding the app to your Facebook page.

6. Have a tab with your blog articles. An app called Networked Blogs does the job nicely. Or just have a tab that tells people about your awesome blog and ask them to subscribe to it.

7.  Have customers signup for  your Newsletter.

8. Pinterest for your Business page.

9. Do you have any partnerships you’d like your fans to know?

10. Setup your page to receive recommendations from customers and business partnerships. Perhaps an alliance with another business or a charity you support?

11. Have an about us tab to let your community know about yourself and will start with the foundation for a reliable business relationship.

12. Store locator: Directions and Zip Codes are essential for local businesses.

13. Give people an opportunity to contact you privately with a contact us tab.

14. Offer a free class or educate on a product or service.

15. Discount and Sell stuff– add an app to sell stuff on your page

Businesses find a higher much higher conversion rate after effectively using Facebook as a promotional marketing tool. Allow growth to be natural and it takes time for connections to build, so having patience is necessary.


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