20 Reasons to Outsource Your Facebook Posts and Email Newsletters to a Marketing Agency


Setting up in-house teams to manage Facebook marketing and 
email  marketing is not easy and outsourcing these tasks is often 
the best option. Not sure if you should outsource Facebook and 
email marketing? These reasons should change your mind.

It is worth the money

You may think that hiring the services of a marketing agency will be too costly. But think of the fact that when you hire an in-house online and social media marketing expert, not only will you have to pay a high salary (experts don’t come cheap) but also worry about added paperwork, health care and other benefits, etc.

They have a dedicated team of experts

Moreover, just one in-house expert won’t be able to get you the kind of results that a marketing agency can and hiring a large Facebook and online marketing team is not a feasible option.

Handle business growth

During periods of fast growth, you will also find yourself and your employees neglecting your online marketing efforts in favor of handling clients. This is where a marketing agency can help you manage your Facebook marketing campaigns and will ensure that your email newsletters and created and sent regularly.

Fuel growth

By managing the growth of your company with effective management of Facebook and email marketing, a marketing agency can also help your firm fuel its growth in a sustainable way.

They have the right skills

With 1.5 billion users on Facebook with over 750 million users accessing the site with thousands of different mobile devices (statistics), only a marketing agency has the skills to maximize your reach. Apart from Facebook and email marketing experts, a marketing agency will have the right writers and designers to create the most effective campaigns and newsletters for you.

Updated with latest changes

Facebook and Google are notorious for all the changes that they unleash periodically. Small changes in their algorithms can have drastic effects on your marketing campaigns. Moreover, email service providers also change their software regularly. You cannot possible keep up with these changes. A marketing firm not only knows about all these changes but can help you change your campaigns accordingly.

Excellent writers

Email newsletters and Facebook posts takes creativity and great language skills. However, 57% of businesses feel that e-newsletters are only somewhat effective (marketing tactics). Make newsletters more effective for your brand by partnering with a marketing firm that has excellent writers that can help you create beautiful, well-written newsletters and Facebook posts.

Become a trendsetter

Outsourcing Facebook and email marketing activities to a great marketing agency will not just allow you to keep up with competitors, it will in fact make you a trendsetter in online marketing. You can stay ahead of the curve with excellent marketing campaigns created by the marketing agency.

Focus on core activities

With a marketing agency handling your Facebook and email marketing campaigns, you and your employees can focus all your time and effort on core business activities that your company is good at.

Measurable results

Marketing agencies know exactly which metrics to track and how to improve results. Moreover, you will always be informed about the state of your marketing campaigns as marketing agencies provide detailed reports.

Capture new markets

Venturing into new markets is difficult but necessary for any business. 72% of adults in the US are connected to at least one social media platform (social media market). Outsourcing marketing activities to an expert marketing agency can help your company break into a new market more effectively.

Never miss opportunities

When your firm is managing all activities on its own, you will find yourself missing important networking opportunities that crop up due to your online marketing efforts. You will never miss such opportunities when a marketing agency starts handling your marketing activities.

Brand personality

Creating a unique brand personality is not easy. This can occur only through consistent social media and email marketing which an external marketing agency can create for you with ease.

Increased ROI

When you hire an external marketing agency, they can tell you exactly where you need to spend resources thereby increasing your ROI from Facebook and email marketing.

Have holidays covered

A marketing agency will ensure that you never miss updating your Facebook page and campaigns and sending out email newsletter even when you and your employees are on holiday.


Marketing agencies specializing in Facebook and email marketing have the capabilities to test various ad copies and campaign components to make sure that only the best campaigns are uploaded.

Unified strategy

Your Facebook and email marketing campaigns should align with your overall marketing and business goals. Good marketing agencies always make sure that the online marketing campaigns are working towards achieving your ultimate goals.

Store data

Expert marketing agencies always make sure to record all data pertaining to your Facebook and email marketing campaigns, which can prove to be very beneficial in the present and long run.


Any marketing campaign requires a lot of research that your company probably does not have the resources or expertise to handle. Critical research can be done very well by marketing agencies to maximize effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Meet deadlines

If you always find yourself stressing out and staying back very late at the 11th hour to make sure Facebook campaigns are updated and emails newsletters and finished and sent, you need to outsource to a marketing agency.


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