10 Ways Explainer Videos Can Help Car Automotive Industry Generate Leads


An animated explainer video can help you create high-impact messages and engage your audience in ways no other medium can. This is how it can help generate leads in the car automotive industry.


Whiteboard explainer videos simplify complex message into one clear concise presentation. Helping customer to understand “what the car has to offer?” and “how it can benefit?”


Engaging explainer videos can build thoughtful and meaningful visual story with characters that can evoke or provoke an emotion in the customer. And emotions connect with the target customer on a powerful level.



Collects and considers all the information a customer would seek while purchasing a car, in respect to mileage, insurance options, features and so on. And converts them into conversational video. Giving the viewer an experience of purchase even before the actual purchase.


Comscore, a company that tracks data for the whole online world, found that e-commerce site visitors who view whiteboard explainer videos stay a couple of minutes longer on average, and they are 50% more likely to buy than other site visitors.


Human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster then text. And posts with videos attract 3X more inbound links than plain text advertisements. Also leads to 65% increase in customer engagement.



Introduction of new technology and its application or small changes on a car dashboard can be effectively demonstrated with use of animated videos. Crafting a self-explanatory tool for the prevailing or prospective customers to be able to follow without having to read a book full of instructions.


The automotive industry is an ever-growing industry. New models or new technology replaces the other within no time. To cope with it,  industry marketing has to be effective and flexible. Explainer videos are a suitable fit for such an industry, as the information is easy to update and they do not become obsolete. It is not tied down to the people or location of the company.


People usually associate explainer videos to something that is light-hearted since it is entertaining and engaging to the viewer. Viewers spend 100% more time on websites with videos and are more likely to make a purchase.


Automotive industry has a constant presence in the media ; reminding and updating the customers. Explainer videos are an ideal marketing option, being able to easily update information on a timely manner. They are less expensive in the long run, when compared to other marketing tools that cost astronomical figures. It is a stand alone tool that can be easily shared on Facebook or Twitter with no additional cost.


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Explainer videos in automotive industry can be used for sales presentations, inducting and training staff, or to boost up all the information you are conveying to a potential customer.

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