10 Ways Whiteboard Videos Benefit Yacht Manufacturers


Persuades New Customers

Whiteboard videos are engaging and attractive. Gives a viewer an experience of owning a yacht. Videos make complex topics such as purchase of charter or boat financing, appear simple with use of animations. Facilitating brokerage or manufacturer to sell the boat or the charter with much ease.

World Wide Accessibility

Whiteboard video marketing has no boundaries. Videos are easily shared on social media reaching out to infinite number of customers, across the globe desiring to own a yacht. 53% of all Internet users click on very first search result that tops the Google list.



Whiteboard video captures and presents all the information a customer would seek before an actual purchase, in most creative and explicable form. While blogs and white papers are other useful tools, explainer videos use visual storytelling to quickly get concise points across.



Whiteboard videos usually last about 3-4 minutes. And conveys much more information than text in a minute. Retention on visuals is more than that off text.


Visual Treat

Text marketing has become outdated and ineffective in recent years. On contrary, whiteboard videos are on upswing, demonstrating the application of best or new features incorporated by the company, giving the viewer a real experience of yacht.

Clarify Sales Stages For Buyers and Sellers

Yachts can retail in the millions of dollars and involve several complex stages ranging from under Offer, Under Contract through to “sold”. An explainer video can help the yacht manufacturer clarify these process in a visual video animation.

Training Tool

Today, whiteboard videos are used to train both internal and external customers. Training is on high demand helping companies to bridge capability gaps. A February 4, 2014 report by Forbes says U.S. spending on corporate training grew by 15% last year to over $70 Billion. This is the highest growth rate in seven years.


Instills Confidence

Whiteboard video conveys a lot of vital information about the company and business in an entertaining manner. Such videos exhibit the company to be professional and knowledgeable encouraging viewers to trust the brand and the offer. Plus, it’s unique. There are only a handful of brokerages and manufacturers that have used this approach.


Return on Investment

Shoeline.com saw 44% increase in online sales conversions by using whiteboard videos to showcase their products. Yacht manufacturers can achieve such figures by incorporating a whiteboard video on their website. It’s a great time saver and content marketing tool for forward-thinking brokerages or yacht manufacturers.


Builds Customer Relationship

With world wide accessibility, manufacturers can address customers concerns, providing end-to-end services. With help of whiteboard videos manufacturers can better explain and address customer concerns.


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