Do I Really, Really Need a Whiteboard Video?

The answer is YES and we’ll explain why here.

The introduction of whiteboard videos has changed the way we play the online marketing game; making it easier to attract the attention of a larger segment of buyers. How? Because you can market and target an audience who isn’t actively looking for your product, but does need it; these are people that just don’t know they need your service or product yet.

Today, as a business you aren’t competing against other companies for that 5% of the population that is looking for your product. Instead, good marketers competing for the ATTENTION of those prospects and visitors that need your product but are unaware of the need.

On the web that means hundreds of millions of people are looking at information, chatting and sharing stuff. They read, watch videos, listen to music read emails and check news sites.


But hey you just have so much time in the day to do this stuff right?


So how do you make your stuff stand out above everyone else’s?


Well, first you need to realize that this audience is made up of real people, bu those who aren’t necessarily, actively looking for your service or product. Why do you want to target these people?

Well, because this segment makes up about 30% of your buyers. That means a 30% increase in your sales if you know how to target them, get them focused and teach them why they need your service.


How Do You do That?

Well, for a long time online marketers have done it through the written word. But hey, there is a major flaw to this method. You gotta get the people interested in reading your content, and you gotta do it fast. You actually have about 5 seconds to draw your audience’s attention and get them interested. Then there is the other drawback, most people forget about 75% of what they read after leaving your site. They get distracted.


The Solution

So how do you eliminate all of the virtual distractions to get your audience’s attention?

By communicating your idea or message in a different way, using a method that is engaging and interesting – and that’s where animated whiteboard videos can help.


What Are Whiteboard Videos?

These are doodle videos. In other words they look like simple marker drawings made on a whiteboard and animated to show a process or a product.  This type of video is fun and engaging, but more importantly they help convert and change that viewer into a customer.

And best of all, statistics show that these videos allow the human brain to digest information 5 to 10 times easier than other types of content; meaning your audience retains 75% or more of the information you give them.


The Cost

Sure you are going to spend a little in getting one of these cool videos made. But this is content that rarely becomes outdated. This is the type of video you need when you really want to explain how and why your product or service is needed, how it can be used. It’s a way of helping your audience identify with your product and your brand. In other words, you give interesting information out and YOU GET CUSTOMERS.

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