Instant Articles: Facebook Game Changer for Small Businesses

In what we consider a revolutionary development in content marketing, Facebook has broken the rules and created a new way for high-quality publishers to display, share and distribute content to their audiences that goes well beyond news organizations and affects small businesses in profound ways.

Facebook calls it Instant Articles, a special internal platform that news giants such as the New York Time and National Geographic are currently trialing to publish content exclusively on the social media giant, boosting download speeds for readers and essentially turning Facebook into the world’s largest publisher.

Facebook said the system will load news articles 10x faster and offer new features such as tilt-to-pan photos, auto-play video, embedded audio captions and interactive maps that will add a level of creativity not yet seen on traditional social media platforms.

This means content will LIVE outside of the creator’s traditional website, exclusively on Facebook. Plus, it takes users closer to a magazine experience, something that the web has been trying to do for ages.

One critical thing to note about this new system is that at the moment the Instant Articles will only be available to those that use the Facebook iPhone app, another reminder of how mobile has reshaped the distribution and consumption channels for businesses.

While this system is still in beta, small business owners can add themselves to the invite list. This does not mean your small business will necessarily be able to build their own Instant Article platform yet, but that day is coming.

It also affects the way marketers approach building new websites for clients, since this has historically been the hub for new content. This is a disruptive development in the world of content publishing and small business marketing; so don’t brush this announcement off.

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Watch the video below: believe us when we tell you this is a game changer.

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