The Wildcard

A poem written by us dedicated to wildcards in marketing.

Step outside the monochrome blockade,

Draw your hand,

Play your Wildcard and tame that wild web space.

Say goodbye to convention;

the information age;

the cookie cutter;

You are now entering the age of imagination;

of possibilities yet to be had;

of moves yet to be made;

of cards yet to be played.


Please fasten your seatbelt.

Life demands, step outside the box.

Business demands, be the place to step.

Be brought to the foreground,

Join the new look,

The new slogan,

The new highways of interaction;

of social networking platforms;

of mobile convenience;

of entire digital connections,

Wrangled by innovative, maverick marketing.


There is a new card,

Call it Wild;

A new frontier,

Just waiting to be played.

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