Why a Kindle e-book is becoming a new “business card” for small business owners

Kindle Marketing and book marketing
William Boot, the hero in Evelyn Waugh’s classic, Scoop, would be lost in the fast-emerging digital information era. The plodding Boot, sent to the fictional African state of Ishmaelia, was equipped with a cleft stick to send messages and the telegraph to transmit his stories to The Beast, a London newspaper.

Nowadays, people send their messages by e-mail. And the latest innovation is to use a Kindle e-book as a business card. It’s something that small business owners should add to their sales marketing armory.

In the good, old Beast days, newspapers were happy to sell maybe a few hundred copies. In this new era, the market is counted in many millions. Boot got about in a canvas canoe and slept in a tent. Some executives nowadays can afford to drive a Ferrari and book into a five-star hotel. The world has changed and they changed with it. They were quick to get onto the new digital bandwagon.  If you own a small business, it’s time to move up too. You too could park a fancier car in the garage.

Among the methods that many small business owners use is the business card. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, they are appealing to a limited market. In comparison, the digital market runs into countless millions.

There are several ways to reach this lucrative market. They include developing a website, in which you can advertise and promote your products, and using the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and others to attract more customers.

The latest and fast-becoming a very effective way to communicate is by publishing a Kindle e-book. Fewer people now carry print books around with them.  Why put a book in their briefcases or knapsacks if they have a mobile phone or a tablet such as the iPad? Phones and tablets are much lighter to carry.

It doesn’t cost a bean to publish an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBook, Kobo and other top sites. You write a story, design a cover, and you’re ready to go. If writing a story or doing the cover is a problem, you can get someone else to do the job. Writing, editing and cover design help is easy to find.

You may be surprised by the response. When publishing a Kindle e-book, you will be asked to set a price that people will be asked to pay for a download. It’s best to offer a freebie. You should simply type in $0.00 in the appropriate box. Remember that your new strategy is not one in which you hope to make money from downloads of the book. Your goal is to attract customers, who will buy your products.  You can make far more money that way. If you have published more than one e-book, list your other titles at the end of your story. If people like your   book, they may be encouraged to read the others.

If your business sells stationery, for example, write a book about it. It could be about any subject in that field. But be sure to mention what your business has to offer and include appropriate links to your website.

It’s essential to have one nowadays. Your website should tell potential customers how to contact you and include pages of pictures and even videos that parade your products. It should be set up so people can make purchases on it.  It’s important to have a professionally created website.  See

It could decide whether you can afford a Volkswagen Beetle or a fancy new shiny BMW. Don’t be a plodder like William Boot in Scoop, who got around in the jungle in a canvas canoe. It’s time for small business owners to give their old-fashioned ways of making money the boot.

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