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Why Google SEO is Dead

The search engine optimization (SEO) industry, as we know it, is soon to become obsolete. While many may dispute this statement, knowledgeable thought leaders in the inbound marketing arena see the writing on the wall.

eBook Cover :: 10 Reasons Why Google SEO is Dead

Conventional SEO practices will be dead in less than two years ~ Ken Krogue, Forbes Magazine.

10 Reasons Why Google SEO is Dead

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A harsh comment to be sure, but one worth considering.

SEO processes are surely changing, just as every other technology is evolving – and we all know it. Those working in the current SEO environment attest to its being much more complicated than it once was. Techniques that worked even as recently as a year ago, are no longer enough. We now need more skills, tools, practices and information than we ever did before.

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