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Thank you for purchasing this high-quality HD realtor video template. It will really help your marketing! Now our team needs a few key items to build and deliver your high-octane realty video in HD. Please send us the following details. They will be uploaded into the video. If you don’t have some of these items, DON’T WORRY! We will just leave those areas blank on the video.

  • Your Logo

  • Your Realty Name

  • Telephone Contact Number

  • Email Address

  • Website URL

  • Facebook Business URL

  • Instagram Handle

  • Twitter Handle

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  • Company or Personal Logo

    This is a critical item as the female spokesperson will be pointing to and referencing your logo. Please provide a high quality logo as BIG as possible otherwise it will look fuzzy in HD.
  • Personal Details

    These will all be included on the final video. Let us know in the comment box whether any item should be left off the video.
  • Social Media Details

    If you have any social media channels to promote your realty or real estate business please list them below. They will be uploaded to the video.
  • Special Instructions For Video Team

    Remember, the final video will look identical to the sample further below on the page. We will simply replace the logo and contact details currently in the video with the ones you provide above! It will take 24-48 hours for us to build your video provided you correctly supply all the key items above. If you have any special custom requests or concerns please list them in the comments box.

Your Final Video Will Look Like This