Whiteboard Video Stages

Your Whiteboard Video or Explainer Video is risk free because each step will require your approval first.

1. Discovery Phase

We will send you a Creative Brief questionnaire where we’ll dive into your company, target market, message, product/service to ensure the video will hit the viewers’ hot emotional buttons so we take the action you want them to take.

Whiteboard Discovery Icon

Whiteboard Script

2. Video Script & Storyboard Guidelines

If you ordered a video script we will get to work on an engaging script and also split it into scenes. For each scene we will explain what we have planned for illustrations and animation. If you are supplying the script, we use your script and split it into scenes for the illustration and animation guidelines. If you have your own illustration ideas for scenes you can share them with us and we will incorporate them into our ideas.

Time Required: First Draft within 2-4 business days.

3. Visual Storyboard Design & Artwork

This is where it really gets exciting as your product starts to come to life. One of our artists will create 100% custom illustrations for every scene of your video and you will be able to see and review all of the artwork and make any desired corrections before we move to production. It’s important to note one more time that you’ll be getting unlimited revisions on the artwork, so you have zero risk of any disappointment here.\

Time Required: First draft within 5 business days

Whiteboard Artwork Design


4. Voice Over Recording

You may have the right message and drawings but a bad voice over can send the wrong signals. With us, you don’t have to worry about this. We have over 25+ voice over superstars you can choose from for your voice over.

Time required: First draft within 5 business days.

5. Video Production and Final Review

All the work we have put in now brings us to the final and most exciting phase. Your animation will be completed and sent to you to preview.

Time Required: Within 72 hours

Whiteboard Final Review

Whiteboard Delivery

6. Estimated Delivery (Standard)

Assuming timely approval/feedback from the client, our standard delivery time for the entire video is 2-3 weeks (we usually deliver sooner). We do offer 5-day rush delivery options. However this does cost extra as it bumps your project to the top of our priority queue and our storytellers will work around the clock to meet your deadlines and deliver everything to you in 5 business days. But, if 2-3 weeks sounds fine, we can stick to that.

Time required: Compare standard vs. rush options outlined above